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Slim Weight Patch
The herbal weight loss patch
The Slim Weight Patch 
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Weight Loss Patches

weight-loss-patches-img5How do weight loss patches work?

Weight loss patches work by delivering their particular ingredients directly through the skin and into the blood stream - this is known as Transdermal delivery. This can offer a number of benefits over traditional pills, namely;

weight-loss-patches-img4 Faster or time released absorption.
weight-loss-patches-img4 Ingredients do not have to be digested, eliminating any stomach discomfort.
weight-loss-patches-img4 One patch can last up to 48 hours.
weight-loss-patches-img4 Ideal for anyone who has trouble swallowing pills.

Weight loss patch negatives

Weight loss patches can be hard to conceal during the summer months if you want to avoid advertising the fact that you are wearing one. They are also slightly less potent than pills due to the actual amount of ingredients which can be delivered via a patch.

However ingredients can be slowly absorbed preventing any spikes in its effectiveness and reducing any side effects from one off high doses diet pills deliver all of their ingredients in one go after digestion.

Recommended weight loss patches

weight-loss-patches-img1There are a number of weight loss patches available in the UK which claim to help you lose weight, although some are best avoided.

For example, our review of the Pink patch last year showed a distinct lack of any particular proven weight loss ingredient, and instead relied heavily on FaceBook marketing to weight-conscious teenage girls.

Our top choice would be the Slim Weight Patch which is available from a reasonably priced 27.95 for a one month supply (based on the 3 month discount pack).

The Slim Weight Patch contains a good selection of natural but proven ingredients which work to increase metabolism and energy levels, whilst also helping burn fat on the hips, thighs and stomach.

How does the Slim Weight Patch work?

weight-loss-patches-img7The main ingredient in the Slim Weight Patch is Fucus Vesticulous a natural seaweed extract which has been clinically proven to reduce hunger and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

This can cut down snacking between meals and reduce your overall daily calorie intake.

There are already a few diet products which contain Fucus, but this is the first time we have seen it used in a patch.

The benefit of course is the slow time-released delivery, called Trans-dermal technology, which can control hunger throughout the day.

How to use the Slim Weight Patch?

The patch can be applied on your shoulder, back, inside of the wrist, crease of elbow, upper arm, your stomach, under the arch of your foot, or behind the knee. Replace the patch with a new one every 24 hours.

weight-loss-patches-img9Where to buy the Slim Weight Patch?

The Slim Weight Patch is only available to buy online from

Slim Weight Patch verdict - Danielle Illsley (Sports & Nurtrition expert)

Overall Rating: weight-loss-patches-img7  4/5

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