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Hide My IP Software 

Available From:  Hide My IP
Cost:  Free to try
Compatible with: Windows Vista and XP
Free trial available:  Yes for 14 days

Hide My IP software | Proxy software

Proxy software is becoming increasingly popular lately, mainly due to the huge increase in internet piracy.

While you browse the web, your unique IP address is stored on each and every website you visit, this information can be recovered very easily and if wanted, your full identity can soon be found.

Protecting your identity online and hiding your IP address used to involve obtaining and setting up a proxy list and changing connection settings manually, however Hide My IP v5 is designed to be a-one-click solution to changing your IP address.

How does Hide My IP work?

The software basically acts as a third party between your PC and your connection to the internet.

Usually when your PC connects to the web you are assigned an IP address from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This address is actually your "fingerprint" which identifies you and tracks all communications with websites and other internet sharing programs.

Hide My IP simply lets you connect to a host IP address or "proxy first, which masks your real IP address on the internet, this keeps you completely anonymous while you surf, download files, or simply check your emails.

Key Benefits
  • One click is all it takes to fully protect your IP address
  • Works with all major browsers, e-mail clients, games and instant messengers
  • Anonymous web surfing
  • Allows you to bypass any unfair ban on forums, websites and blogs
Hiding your IP when banned from a forum or website:

Hiding your IP will also enable you to re-register on forums or websites which your IP may have been unfairly banned from. This is not as sinister as it sounds, as many forums and membership based websites only allow one connection per IP and issue bans when multiple connections are detected.

This can happen if you have two PCs in the same household both attempting to connect to a site with separate accounts on the same IP address.

Hide My IP Software Review

hide-my-ip-img2Obtaining a new IP address with this software is so simple it can be done in 2 steps;

1. Just install Hide my IP...

2. Click Hide my IP!

As an actual user of this software I can highly recommend it, my only gripe with it, is that the cost of $29.95 is a little steep.

, you can now take advantage of a Hide my IP free trial. For total privacy, peace of mind, and ease of use I would have to score this proxy software 9/10.

Download your free trial of Hide My IP

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