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Celebrity Slim Reviews

Celebrity Slim
Meal replacement program
Celebrity Slim 
Available From: Superdrug Online 
Cost: 32.99 for the starter pack
Delivery: Free delivery on all orders over 25
Guarantee: None

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What is Celebrity Slim?

Celebrity slim is a meal replacement diet program which replaces 2 of your regular daily meals with a celebrity slim product equivilant.

Similar to the popular slim fast brand, Celebrity Slim features additional ingredients which boost fat loss, such as green tea extract and whey protein.

Catering for both men and women, celebrity Slim has gained world wide recogonition, and won over many dieters with its no nonsence approach to weight loss. Celebrity slim is extremely popular in Australia where it has recieved rave reviews.

However, is it really the best slimming drink currently on the market?

How does Celebrity Slim work?
The main focus behind Celebrity Slim is reducing carbohydrate intake and raising the amount of protein consumption.

The diet plan - celebrity-slim-reviews-img7

The typical 2-3 meals per day is dropped in favour of 5-6 small meals, with breakfast and lunch being replaced by either a Celebrity Slim shake, meal replacement bar or soup. 

Dinner stays unaffected by the diet plan, but should be based on a healthy "balanced" meal.

Celebrity slim approved snacks are permited mid morning, mid afternoon and supper, and should consist of half a portion of fruit or small handfull of nuts.

Celebrity slim side effects

No side effects have been reported, and the diet plan is widely regarded as a safe when followed correctly. However Celebrity Slim have stated that it may not be suitable for under 16's, expectant mothers, or women who are breastfeeding.

Has anyone lost weight using celebrity slim?

General feedback is on the whole reasonably good, with the only real complaints over the actual cost of the products. Typical weight loss reported is around 1-2 lbs per week.

Is Celebrity Slim recommended?

Although the diet plan or products have not been clinically proven, they do however effectively control the amount of calories you eat, and will ineveitably cause sufficient weight loss if the plan is adhered too.

Where can you buy Celebrity Slim?

Celebrity slim is currently only available to buy Online from Superdrug.

Celebrity Slim Verdict - Danielle Illsley (Sports & Nurtrition expert)

Overall Rating: arfican-hoodia-gordonii-img7  4/5

celebrity-slim-reviews-img5Celebrity Slim offers a great range of different products, and with a variety of flavours there is something for everyone, but the cost does seem a little high. The starter pack which is priced at 32.99, seems to offer the best value for money for anyone wanting to give this program a go.

Our Recommended Alternative - Save money with Leisa's Secret!

The high price of Celebrity Slim coupled with the long term commitment may put many dieters off. Our recommended alternative is the slightly cheaper (although just as effective), Leisa's Secret range.

Leisa's Secret has not had the UK advertising which Celebrity Slim has enjoyed, however don't let this fool you, Leisa's Secret is actually the biggest selling meal replacement and slimming shake in Australia, where they are both bitter rivals.

Leisa's Secret is also a high protein shake which is designed to replace 1-2 of your daily regular meals. As with Celebrity Slim, the focus is on including quality sources of protein and complex carbohydrates, and doing away with simple sugars and fats.
One serving of Leisa's Secret supplies a huge 22.4g of protein, and only contains 200 calories when mixed with skimmed milk.

The superb addition of Lecithin (a potent source of choline) means fat and cholesterol is broken down much more easily, and encourages the body to use stored fat to be used as energy.

Leisa's Secret costs just 19.95 for a 400g tub (10 off RRP) from the online slimming superstore - Evolution Slimming.

For more information and orders, visit Evolution Slimming online.

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