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Unsafe Fat Burner?
Cost:  From 30 - 50
Delivery: N/A
Guarantee: None
Side Effects: Headaches, nausea, increased heart beat
Restrictions:  Not suitable for pregnant women

American Product - No UK prices

Where to buy Apidexin in the UK

Apidexin is an American made fat burner which is not currently available to buy from within the UK. It can be ordered from the official US website, however we have recieved numerous reports of poor customer service and consignments going missing when ordered from the UK.

Consumer warning - Contact details on the website are very limited, with only an email address supplied. Reports of poor customer service common.

Apidexin User Reviews

Below is a selection of recent Apidexin reviews both good and bad.

lipobind-reviews-img17 I ordered Apidexin from the US and only had to wait a couple of weeks before it arrived, unfortunately the packet was damaged and the contents had spilled inside. After emailing the support I received another bottle which arrived in one piece, so far I have lost 6 pounds in one month and will be ordering more.lipobind-reviews-img20 - Kerry J. from Portsmouth.

lipobind-reviews-img17 I had to stop using Apidexin after only the second week due to constant headaches, I also experienced a burning sensation and felt very hot while taking it.lipobind-reviews-img20 - Chirs N. from Lincoln.

lipobind-reviews-img17 Apidexin is fantastic and you can feel it working as soon as you take it, like other comments i did experience a hot sensation but it was bearable, and worth it, I lost 10 pounds in three weeks!lipobind-reviews-img20 - Jenny T. from Norfolk.

lipobind-reviews-img17 Ordered and never recieved, still waiting nearly a month on, terrible customer service.lipobind-reviews-img20 - John L. from Peterborough.

lipobind-reviews-img17 I've tried a few fat burners before, but this one is by far the best, just don't take it anytime before you go to bed, you won't be able to sleep.lipobind-reviews-img20 - Donna Y. from Kent.

lipobind-reviews-img17 Expensive with UK shipping and pretty mediocre, don't believe the hype, I could only take Apidexin for a few weeks and had to stop due to the sides.lipobind-reviews-img20 - Joanne L. from Bristol.

lipobind-reviews-img17 I am still waiting for my package and have emailed support with no joy, don't bother - I will be picking up Alli shortly.lipobind-reviews-img20 - Gemma P. from Brighton.

lipobind-reviews-img17 I was on the verge of buying but the lack of positive reviews put me off, I went for Alli in the end and Im chuffed with the results, I have lost 8 pounds this month.lipobind-reviews-img20 - Anna L. from York.

Apidexin The Conclusion 

buy-apidexin-img1From the outset the Apidexin website promises increased weight loss of 400%, although it does not go on to explain what this compares too.

The large list of mostly unproven ingredients which make up the forumla also seem to cause some side effects in a percentage of users, which include headaches, nausea and rapid heart beat.

This is not uncommon with fat burners which contain stimulants. The FDA has recently taken a string of fat burners of the shelfs with the most notable being Hydroxycut, after it was linked with the death of a US teenager.

Concerns over contact information and reports of poor service add to futher distance this product with the UK's best sellers. Our advice? Choose a clinically proven diet pill which conforms to EU medical device directives. The alternatives below all fall into this category.

Apidexin Alternative

buy-apidexin-uk-img15One of the highest recommended diet supplements in the UK is Proactol - a dual action appetite suppressant and fat binder which offers proven results and is free from any side effects.

Proactol can lower the lower the calorie content of meals by around 150 cals, and cut the fat content by a quarter. It also has the longest guarantee of any diet product we have reviewed, with a full 6 month money back guarantee.

Proactol is clinically tested, medically backed and has full MHRA approval (Medicines and Health products Regulatory Authority).

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