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Superdrug Optimum Swiss apple serum

Optimum swiss apple
The new elixir of youth?
Optimum Swiss apple serum
Available From: Superdrug
Cost: 9.99
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Optimum Swiss Apple Review

What is Optimum Swiss apple?

superdrug-optimum-swiss-apple-serum-img3Superdrug have recently revealed their latest weapon against premature ageing, with the release of the Optimum skin care range.

Optimum Swiss Apple is an overnight anti-aging serum which features PhytoCell apple stem cells.

This "elixir of youth" ingredient is known to boost human skin cell production by over 80%, and is made entirely from natural ingredients.

Although Swiss apple stem cells and their anti-aging benefits have been well documented, very few people have actually tried it thanks to its often exclusive price tag.

Typical Swiss apple formulations can cost anything from 75 to 355 for just 30ml of serum.

However, Superdrug have announced their product is to cost just under 10, and yet contain the all important Swiss apple stem cells found in more expensive formulas.

What are Swiss apple stem cells?

Swiss apple is then name given to the fruit of the extremely rare, and almost extinct Uttwiler Spatlauber tree which can be found in remote areas of Switzerland.

Swiss scientists were first attracted to the species after it was noted that the fruit refused to wither for weeks and even months after picking.

It was found that the apple contained regenerative stem cells which protected the fruit from decay much longer than observed in other fruit produce.

Further clinical research revealed that by slicing the apple, a layer of stem cells formed on the incision which could be harvested and grown in a liquid culture.

Their findings were published in the Journal of Applied Sciences and extensive clinical trials on a 1% solution commenced. The staggering results showed that Swiss apple stem cells can boost human cell production by 80%. 

superdrug-optimum-swiss-apple-serum-img2Swiss Apple and Celebs

Julianne Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow have both admitted their love for Swiss apple stem cell products.

They are said to be users of the Cellular lifting serum from Clark's botanicals costing a whopping 355 for just 30ml.

IS the Superdrug Swiss Apple serum worth buying?

Admittedly there is not much feedback on this product as of yet. However, Andrew Groom who is Superdrug's brand director has insisted that Optimum Swiss Apple contains the actual stem cell ingredient found in other formulations costing 20 times as much.

Optimum Swiss Apple Conclusion

Superdrug Swiss Apple serum is a no-frills anti-aging cream which is based on ground-breaking research into the benefits of longevity tissue stem cells.

superdrug-optimum-swiss-apple-serum-img1With a price tag of just 9.99 and extensive clinical backing, this product seems an obvious addition to any daily skin care regimen.

Where to buy Optimum

Swiss Apple Serum can be purchased from any Superdrug store. However due to the amount of recent press coverage, some high street branches have been running out of stock.

Ordering via the Superdrug website avoids both the crowds and promises you will receive your order.

Buy Optimum online from Superdrug

optimum swiss apple, superdrug optimum swiss apple serum
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