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Alli Diet Pill
Proven Fat Binder
Alli Diet Pill
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Side Effects: Sudden bowel movements, flatulence
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Alli Diet Pill Review - Is Alli any good? alli-diet-pill-review-img13

Now that the media frenzy over Alli has died down, cracks are already beginning to form in this anti-obesity "wonder drug". Alli has been on sale in the US for several years where it has received as much condemnation as it has praise. 

Alli's UK release (back in April last year) was a hugely successful affair, with over £1 million worth of sales in the first week alone. 

This was due to heavy marketing by the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, who had a vast advertising budget and made certain that the media picked up on the story.

Alli Ingredients - How does it work?

Alli is actually an over the counter, low strength version of the prescription only drug Xenical.

Both Alli and Xenical contain the active chemical Orlistat which breaks down fat by attaching itself to your body’s digestive enzymes. This prevents your body from adsorbing and digesting up to 25% of the fat from your food. 

The undigested, and now liquid fat, is flushed from the body as waste. There have been widespread reports of the "Alli oops" which is a term given to the spontaneous emptying of your bowels at any given moment. This is something which GSK openly admit too and list as a known side effect.

Alli Side effects - is Alli safe?

More seriously however, is the recent news that the main ingredient found in Alli is currently under investigation by the FDA (the US Food and Drugs Administration).

The FDA is looking at over 1000 reports of liver problems and 24 cases of death on patients who have used Xenical (a stronger version of Alli) They are yet to make a decision if any, on the future of Alli. (Source - Daily Mail, July 09)

Alli Rating   

alli-diet-pill-review-img9Alli contains the drug orlistat which has been shown to reduce fat intake by around 25%.  However, due to recent investigations into the safety of orlistat sales are lagging, with many dieters opting for safer proven alternatives. 


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Alli Alternatives - What really works? 

One of the most successful diet pills in recent years is Capsiplex - a 100% natural supplement which is clinically proven to boost metabolism by up to 12x.alli-alternative1

Capsiplex was featured in a variety of national newspapers during summer 2010, making headlines as the "NHS miracle fat pill" by the Daily Mail, and "the pill that helps you to slim at your desk" by the Daily Express.

Capsiplex contains the active ingredient capsicum - which is naturally found in spicy foods such as red hot chilli peppers.

Clinical studies have shown that just a small serving of Capsiplex can burn as many calories as a 25 minute jog (approx 278 cals).

A number of high profile celebrity endorsements have further helped push Capsiplex into the limelight, with Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Brad Pitt all said to be avid fans of the fat burner.

Capsiplex Rating - hoodia-rating         

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Alli Diet Pill Review

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